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Welcome To Wadawurrung Country

We acknowledge history starts with the stories, connection and language of the Wadawurrung People, The Traditional Owners of the land, water, and sky. We pay our respects to their Elders of the Past, Present, and those Emerging.

Wadawurrung Dja muyn-i Nherrin boor-woork. Nganyaki-i-beek baa woorongalook wurdi Wadawurrung gerrupa-tjarra-dja Wadawurrung kinkinbil beek wurdi getjawil detetj-gupma-bul mooroop-a.

Queenscliffe is part of Wadawurrung Country, a small part of land and mouth waters of the Bass Strait that’s connected to the larger Country of Wadawurrung.
We acknowledge Wadawurrung People and the spiritual connection they share with the lands.

Queenscliffe originally known as Nherrin boor-woork, while here on country stand and wirrng wirrng deeply listen, you will hear Woorongalook- the sound of each turning tide rushing through the narrow entrance.

Image: Woodland and waterways, Point Lonsdale. Credit: Steve Lee

Image: Woodland. Credit: Stephen Lee

Image: Swans on Swan Bay. Credit: Robyn Curtis