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Who We Are

The Queenscliffe Historical Museum is a regional cultural museum in the town of Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia. The museum is accredited by the Community Museum Accreditation Program (CMAP).

The Museum is an incorporated body and all members are voluntary. It is managed by a Committee of Management of voluntary members.

Patron: The Hon Ted Baillieu AO

Committee of Management

President: Stephen Lee (audio visual)
Vice-President: Diana Lloyd (reaccreditation)
Secretary: Paul Attwood
Treasurer: Denis O’Reilly
Mary-Lou Gilbert (Events and Monthly Talks)
Peter Ley (Merchandise and Finance)
Catherine McNamara (Administration and Volunteers)
Diana Sawyer (Research and Publications)
Kathryn Hines (Administration)
Philip Maxsted (Digitisation)
Philip Misso (Governance and Policy)

Associate Members

Lesley Alway (Exhibition Adviser)
Sandra Lee (Collections)
Ian Sharrock and Ian Hunter (IT)
Ron Hodgetts (Video)
Kathy Lang (Photographs)
Marilyn Miller and Bree Huxley (Publicity, Social Media, Website)
Editorial Team: Marilyn Miller, Sandra Lee, Robin Spry, and (Advisors) Rosemary and Bill Brown

Assisted by

Terry Philp (Hon Auditor)
Nick Raicevic (Solicitor)

Volunteers and Members

350 Members, including 100 volunteers