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The Collection

The Collection

The Queenscliffe Historical Museum has been building its collection of historical artefacts, textiles, documents, books, films, and photographs since its inception as the Queenscliffe Historical Society in 1966.

The collection continues to grow through acquisitions of objects that have historical significance to the Borough of Queenscliffe. However, only a small number of items housed in the museum are displayed in the permanent exhibition at any one time.

The Museum collects material related to pioneer families, dwellings, hotels and guesthouses, churches, schools, domestic, social, and recreational activities and the influence of the maritime, tourist and defence industries.

In 2017, the Museum published Celebrating History, Items from the Queenscliffe Historical Museum Collection. Fifty significant items were chosen to feature in the publication.
Copies are available from the Museum.

The Collection Studio

The Collection is conserved according to the standards set by Museums Australia guidelines in a specially designed studio.

The Collection is available for research. Assistance can be provided by the QHM Researchers and the Collection Team.

The Archive

There are two separate storage spaces for the collection, and both spaces are maintained to the standards set by Museums Australia guidelines.

The new Archive is a temperature and humidity-controlled space for storage of vulnerable books, documents, photographs, and artefacts.

The General Storage space is temperature controlled for protection of more robust artefacts.

The exhibition

An exhibition was developed for the opening of the Museum in the Queenscliffe Community Hub in August 2022, with the themes:

Large format graphics and original photographs, artefacts, artworks, maps, and video are used to tell the stories of life in Wadawurrung country to our recent past.

In addition, temporary exhibitions are created to coincide with events occurring within the region or to highlight a specific topic.